Vinny “The Kid”


Born in New York City, Vinny “The Kid” was raised in northern New Jersey.  He learned to play multiple instruments while in grade school ranging from guitar, piano, bass, drums, banjo and violin.  He learned them all by ear.  He has since incorporated all of these instruments into his musical career with The Bronx Wanderers and his own band, Lovebent, a group formed with his brother, Nick, in 2006.   You can hear their songs at  After finishing his debut album for Lovebent entitled “Surface Junk,” Vin, along with the current members of The Bronx Wanderers, have started working on new material for their 2nd album, which will be released sometime in 2015.   Vin is a full-time songwriter and producer when he is not touring/performing with both groups.   He is the music director, producer, and co-founder of The Bronx Wanderers and plans to perform and write for both bands for many years to come.