Every great song had a champion…before the hit records…before the fame…before it became just another song for the radio…

A champion who believed in its glory…heard its potential…and suddenly transformed a few notes in to something immediately unforgettable and magical….

These guys are infectious …Tony Orlando

These are the champions that the Bronx Wanderers bring to life. This is not so much a show about the mere soundtrack of an era as it is about recreating the intensity of the dreamers who dared to produce and perform it.

“On another perfect, cool summer evening, the unexpected happened.  A lightning bolt of pure rock ‘n’ roll struck the audience at Bay Ridge Park in Brooklyn.  Instead of running for cover, the crowd flocked to the bandstand to hear the electric sounds presented by The Bronx Wanderers.  This date will long be remembered as the hot ticket for those savvy enough to attend this event.  The Bronx Wanderers’ performance was so hot, so jumping, that the group did a four-song encore, something that is almost unprecedented at these shows.  I must say again, Yo! You Done Good!”

          Frank Caraccia -           Golden Oldies Magazine

THE BRONX WANDERERS…One Dream. One Family. One Fantastic Show!