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A father and two sons living the American rock ‘n’ roll dream.  Quite possibly the best 90 minutes of America’s rock ‘n’ roll songbook from the first generation right through the music of today that you will experience on one stage.  One part “oldies,” two parts rock ‘n’ roll…  The Bronx Wanderers are the “perfect musical storm,” effortlessly creating the perfect level of synergy between generations, the music, the family and the rockin’ band that pulls it all together.

Like their new CD title implies, this is a father and two sons who are “Still Happy Together.”   United by their passion for great music, former gold record producer Yo’ Vinny along with sons Vinny “The Kid” and Nicky “Stix” form the heart and soul of this pitch perfect band that delivers a non-stop barrage of hit after hit after delicious hit.

Yo’ Vinny’s years of producing chart topping hits gives “The Bronx Wanderers” live performance that rarely achieved authentic recording studio sound with the momentum and flow that only the expertise of an experienced record producer can craft.   Vinny “The Kid” and Nicky “Stix” create a musical firestorm with the joyful intensity that they bring to these “classic” hits.  The Family’s rockin’ band round out this euphoric journey through time with the lineage and prowess that still sets the heart on fire.

When the 20 year-olds in the crowd are jumping to their feet and yelling right alongside the 70 year-olds, you know that this is not just another normal day in the music business.





Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, it was Rock & Roll Hall of Fame legend Dion Dimucci who set Yo’ Vinny on the path to becoming a musician. It was also with Dion’s help that he came to work for Terry Cashman & Tommy West.  Cashman & West are best known for producing all of Jim Croce’s hit records. While working for Cashman & West, he was also able to work with Dion on the albums Return Of The Wanderer & Fire In The Night.  Still with Cashman, West and their partner Phil Kurnit to this day, he produces records for Winthrop Records, Metrostar Records, American Originals Records and Lifesong Records.

It was Hollywood actor, director and writer, Chazz Palminteri, who is also from the same Bronx neighborhood, who told Yo’ Vinny to take the kids and start a musical group.  It was under Chazz’s guidance that they decided to name the group The Bronx Wanderers.


Born in New York City, Vinny “The Kid” was raised in northern New Jersey.  He learned to play multiple instruments while in grade school ranging from guitar, piano, bass, drums, banjo and violin.  He learned them all by ear.  He has since incorporated all of these instruments into his musical career with The Bronx Wanderers and his own band, Lovebent, a group formed with his brother, Nick, in 2006.   You can hear their songs at Reverbnation.com/Lovebent.  After finishing his debut album for Lovebent entitled “Surface Junk,” Vin, along with the current members of The Bronx Wanderers, have started working on new material for their 2nd album, which will be released sometime in 2015.   Vin is a full-time songwriter and producer when he is not touring/performing with both groups.   He is the music director, producer, and co-founder of The Bronx Wanderers and plans to perform and write for both bands for many years to come.


Born in New York City and raised in northern New Jersey, Nick, the group’s youngest member, asked his parents to buy him a set of drums at the age of eight and hasn’t stopped playing since. Nicky enjoys all genres of music, with jazz and hip-hop at the top of his list. His favorite drummers are Gene Krupa, Andy Strachan and Travis Barker. When not touring with The Bronx Wanderers, Nick plays drums for the band, Lovebent, a rock group formed with his brother, Vinny .   Most recently Nick has played several dates with The Jersey Boys including a tribute evening to Frankie Valli himself.